Keeping Your Analysis Resilient with Cloud Data Warehousing and Reporting

The way we work is changing. We've been contending as much since before the pandemic. But our recent circumstances have called the question for many organizations: are you resilient to these so-called black swan events? Do you have the information and tools to even assess the impact of something like a statewide lockdown? Even if you're not in a situation where your staff can work remotely, can you still reliably communicate with your team members in the event operations need to be changed?

These are classic information systems questions. And your IT department has more of a cross-functional role to play than ever. But when it comes to the way you handle essential reporting and business analysis, your organization should have data systems in place that aren't dependent on fixed locations and on-premise operations. Certainly there are edge cases, sometimes necessitated by compliance obligations. Still, for most anyone smaller than the largest corporate enterprises, cloud-based data warehousing and analytics are ideal for:

  • Reducing operational risk
  • Advancing coherent data strategy
  • Getting the most from available tools
  • Remaining resilient under crisis