About Us

Earlybird is a management information systems consulting firm and specialized provider of cloud data software solutions for analytics, reporting, business intelligence, and data-driven digital experiences. We are proud to offer professional data engineering, systems integration services, custom application development, and related technical support on flexible, monthly service retainers.

Headquartered in Chicago, Earlybird has partners, associates, and trusted subcontractors operating remotely nationwide. Over the last eight-plus years, our technical consulting teams have completed nearly 100 client project engagements, primarily working with businesses and similar organizations in automotive retail, aviation services, higher education, finance, and market research, among others.

Clients choose Earlybird for our wide-ranging technical expertise, and for the assurance of working with a highly-qualified, US-based team, but also the significant time and cost efficiencies we are able to achieve through use of our quick-deploy cloud system solutions. These consist of reusable or widely adaptable cloud system architectures, design documentation, deployment tutorials, and actively maintained starter code templates, all of which aid us in dramatically reducing setup and deployment time, which as a result, limits average program costs and up-front investment required.

From Social Startup to Solutions Provider

Earlybird was founded in the spring of 2012 from within a Chicago-based social media startup. An initial attempt at a consumer product soon became a company interested in how cloud software could be developed more efficiently, and eventually, a consulting practice that helped fully build and deploy over 30 web and mobile applications in under five years, across a wide array of different industries and categories.

Beginning in 2015, Earlybird also began focusing more deeply on cloud warehousing and data analytics technologies, efforts that coincided with the engagement of new clients in automotive retail, aviation services, and higher education. Auto dealer groups specifically have proven an excellent fit for our work involving some of the new cloud platform services offered by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Noticing this early on, we began work in late 2017 on what would become our Highbeam ETL solution framework. And by the start of 2020, project implementations built upon this fast, extensible framework were handling the operational data of over 90 dealership stores nationwide, including two groups listed in the Automotive News Top 50.

As Earlybird approaches 10 years in business, we are grateful for the lessons we've learned as a team, and eager as ever to attack stubborn problems and solve tough puzzles in the course of helping people improve their most essential work.

Our Offices

Most of what goes on at Earlybird each day happens from our home offices and local coworking spaces. But we do maintain a physical presence in downtown Chicago, as part of the community at BeOffice Michigan Avenue. Clients can join us there for in-person meetings and workshops, but only if they prefer: Earlybird is fully equipped to deliver all services remotely and makes routine on-site visits to client facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan.